UC100 USB Motion Controller for Tormach PCNC Mach3

UC100 Motion Controller

The UC100 Motion Controller is difficult to install with Tormach's PCNC version of Mach3. I was able to install the drivers, but the PCNC Mach3 would not recognize or use the UC100.

The problem lies in the configuration file. PCNC Mach3 makes you install the Parallel Port driver and it sets this as default control device. You have to go into the configuration file, and set the UC100 as the default control device.
  • Open the PCNC3 folder, usually at the location c:/PCNC3
  • Find and open the xml file called PCNC1100M3-3.xml (name might be different for the 770 series) in a text editor
  • Find the the line: <Control>
  • Delete the code between <Control> and </Control>
  • Paste the following code between <Control> and </Control> (you may have to change the version of your controller, based on the version of the driver you are using):
    <Device>UC100-CNC-motion-controller-V2.125</Device> <Default>1</Default>
  • Save the .xml file
  • Start PCNC Mach3, and you should see a dialog box that pops up asking you which driver to chose. Choose the UC100.